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Master Chief vs Commander Shepard by Some-Bored-Guy Master Chief vs Commander Shepard by Some-Bored-Guy
(I'd just like to say thank you all for the feedback and appreciation :P I'm surprised at how nicely received this little piece of work was, and maybe some time down the line, I might revisit this and do one 10x even better :D Thanks you all again, I appreciate the input :p)

Two days of boredom, and I come up with this.
First time using Photoshop (for the background and effects) and SAI (for everything else). Given more time, I could make this look a little better. Example: It was hard to work with just pictures for the models. I wish I still had a working copy of Halo 3, that way i could have made a different pose for Master Chief. And Shepard... well that omni-tool kicked my ass for a bit because all the pics that I could use for reference weren't the angle I was going for at first :/ Ah well, I had to make do with what I already knew.

I'm actually surprised at all the warm reception :D This was drawn for my friend who is a Halo and Mass Effect fanatic (as am I, lol)
If I ever get the free time, I might return back to this picture and make a more grittier, darker picture. Maybe change the background to a battleground with Elites vs the Alliance. I MIGHT, of course. I'm still in High School, and moving in for college will take away all of my time :I

Ans as for who would win, well I believe that is up to you guys, especially since this comes down to an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.
(What I will say is this: Do NOT underestimate Shepard!)

This was drawn with a Wacom Bamboo Capture. I wanted to get a Create, better yet, a Cintiq, but I'm strapped for cash, and the Capture was all I could afford (and I sure could never afford a Cintiq. $3,000? Ha, I can't even afford an iPod.)

LAST UPDATE: I got used to doing some stuff in Photoshop CS6 and changed the background a bit. Also, I gave MC some lighting on him. I'd say this pic is pretty much "officially" done :D
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Garchompisbeast Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
as much as a prefer Mass Effect Shepard stands no chance in this fight
MountainMan246 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2015
Shephard has much more versatility in his weapons as well as abilities, but John has much more durability with his armor and faster reaction times. In my mind it burns down to a set of very simple questions:
Can Shephard's weapons crack MJOLNIR armor?
Can John's SPARTAN training outmaneuver the SPECTRE?
Garchompisbeast Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
it's not a case of who's faster

Mjolnir armour is one of the toughest in gaming
KitKatGirl9 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015
Doesn't make him any Stronger though, his Augmentation is the reason he is figting stronger and Shepard doesn't have any of that. The MJOLNIR armour could break at any point, even in this match. Regardless of how many upgrades and enhancement Master Chief gets, he can still get hurt by Shepard's Advance Weaponry and his Biotic/Tech skills. Although his N7 Armour could use some upgrades as well.
Nuwer-Designs Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
best paired battle ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hazzamo16 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015
Since energy swords burn at 4000*C and the fact that omni-blades are constructed out of silicon carbide, which sublimes at a way lower temperature, the chief realistically would have cut shepard in half by now
Harryeagle Featured By Owner May 23, 2014
Nice. Any chance this could be a wallpaper? Or a poster?
Jayage5ds Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014
this epic I got to go with Shapard but Chief is awesome
gamehawk21 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Shepard's face laugh me out loud still good job
King-Krown Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist
Epic picture. They make up,Bro-fist and proceed to kick Flood & Reaper ass. along side Garrus & Arbiter 
drakenimmortal Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014
Shepard wins...Chief is strong but only as good as his guns, but throw a biotic Shepard at him and he's screwed.  Singularity plus warp = Chief is SCREWED ^_^
Kyero Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014
Chief is everything Shepard is x100. the only advantage shepard has is weaponry. Bionics would barely slow down a ton of man that's armor can survive drops from orbit.  Shepard could only win by being cheap. 

It's the same as Chief Vs Samus, Superior Weaponry. 
drakenimmortal Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014
Samus won that fight ^_^  Haloid by MontyOum was awesome ^_^
Kyero Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014
What fi..Oh that one that made Master Chief into a girl? yea... no one takes that video to a Vs conversation. Only fanboys.

Chief is only outgeared against Samus, thats it. 
dinodb Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
shepard would win because what define's that master chief has advanced weaponry 
while mass effect fields are something that repels armor easily and not to forget that the weapons of mass effect use phased rounds (mass effect fields)
Kyero Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
Like I said, only because of more advance tech. Skill wise and inteligent wise, chief trumps shep.
FEARm3 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
A Krogan was able to lift a two ton Mako with his Biotics with ease in the novel (Krogans  are not well known for their biotics). Shepard was brought back to life after he/she fell from orbit, his/her armor protecting him/her from the intense heat, and only died of because his/her suit having a leak. When he/she was revived, he/she was mostly synthetic (being around 60% more cybernetic parts then organic parts). Krogan were known to have three sets of back up organs, can tackle a tank with no damage, weigh a ton, have incredibly dense hides that they can shrug shotgun fired at their face, point blank and can live for centuries. Revived and upgraded, he/she was able to beat a Krogan hand to hand with no weapon (within a few second), headbutt and stun one with no helmet. Skill and Intellect wise? Shepard was able to fight off 2 (3?) Reapers (first, while directing a squad, the second, solo), fought against the galaxies best assassins, mercenaries, terrorists, armies, ancient alien warships etc., and survived. He/she single handedly unified the galaxy and led a war against an ancient Cthulhu-like race of synthetic aliens that won every war ever waged against them for a million years and won. Not only did he/she save humanity, but the entire galaxy at large.

By the way, Chief fell from the Stratosphere (within atmosphere), using a piece of the Forerunner ship to shield his fall (which was from an angle, not a straight fall, there by, reducing impact), in armor lock, and was unconscious for the whole day.

Don't get me started on adding Biotics to Shepard or a Chief vs Samus fight. Samus is pure overkill in the likes of which any would know.
Sokogeki Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2015
Kinda late to the party :P Hope I don't get anyone too mad.

"A Krogan was able to lift a two ton Mako with his Biotics with ease in the novel"

That's almost as good as John-117 being able to flip a 3 ton Warthog with a single hand casually... almost.

"Shepard was brought back to life after he/she fell from orbit, his/her armor protecting him/her from the intense heat, and only died of because his/her suit having a leak."

From the Mass Effect wiki: "The suit's pressure seals were compromised, and it is apparent that the Commander suffocated to death, coupled with the possibility of the hardsuit burning up on reentry to the planet below." So Shep probably burned up on reentry.

"Revived and upgraded, he/she was able to beat a Krogan hand to hand with no weapon (within a few second)"

What is this referring to? I can't remember an instance after Mass Effect 2 where (s)he fought a Krogan unarmed and killed it.

"headbutt and stun one with no helmet."

It was stunned because it wasn't expecting that. Not because (s)he actually hurt him.

"Skill and Intellect wise? Shepard was able to fight off 2 (3?) Reapers (first, while directing a squad, the second, solo), fought against the galaxies best assassins, mercenaries, terrorists, armies, ancient alien warships etc., and survived."

That's almost as good as John stopping a Forerunner... oh wait, no it isn't. The Master Chief straight up has more skill, 27 years of fighting a war and he didn't pick up any fighting skills? Come on. Master Chief just fought armies... solo... and always won. I'm not going to say he's smarter, be definitely more skilled.

"He/she single handedly unified the galaxy and led a war against an ancient Cthulhu-like race of synthetic aliens that won every war ever waged against them for a million years and won. Not only did he/she save humanity, but the entire galaxy at large."

And the Master Chief fought against the Covenant, a race of super-advanced aliens that defeated every race they met that wouldn't follow their faith. On top of that, the Covenant had weapons that could destroy entire planets, the reapers? No so much. And none of this is mentioning the Didact who could transform all of organic life into machines, the Flood that could absorb any bio-mass, or the Halo Array that the Covenant wanted to fire that would kill all sentient life.

 "By the way, Chief fell from the Stratosphere (within atmosphere), using a piece of the Forerunner ship to shield his fall (which was from an angle, not a straight fall, there by, reducing impact), in armor lock, and was unconscious for the whole day."

Its still a damn impressive feat and showed that his armor could withstand megajoules worth of punishment and could get up and fight after a light nap (he landed at night and was awoken in the morning, not a whole day.)

In a straight fight, Master Chief wrecks Shepard. Even with biotics (people seem to forget that MJOLNIR can increase the hold its shields have on its feet to the point were he wouldn't even be effected by Biotics.) John would massacre Shep's entire team (1v1 style).
Kyero Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
I fear you got your info wrong. Shepard was a nasty paste of jerky when they fell from orbit.

a Krogan would be squashed by the Brutes easily. 

You do know that the Halo rings would have done what the Reapers did. The Reapers are just squid versions of the Scarabs too by the way, with the ability to fly and shit woo... Also Shepard didn't ACTUALLY face the Reapers face to face, he used a orbital cannon barrage to take one down. What does Skill and Intelligence have to do with fighting off giant slow as fuck Storm Trooper shooting metal squids? Chief could have done that with two Reapers shooting at him.

Chief constantly faught against a race of aliens that could almost perfectly cloak and stab him. a Infestation that could easily take out and do a better job at killing life than the Reapers. 

Oh, he didn't win that war by the way, The Reapers let him choose how the Reapers WOULDN"T hand their asses to them.

Yep, He didn't end up as Beef Jerky, just a little sleepy and was in full tip top shape when he got back up. 

As for Samus Vs Chief, give him equal powerful weapons and he'd destroy her. Without the Armors/suits chief would snap her in half and she wouldn't even be able to make him flinch. Same goes for Shepard.

Jordan Emoticon Icon #3 - Dance Dean, dance! (Harlem Shake) 
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King-Krown Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist
<_<Singularity can't even lift the smaller Mechs in ME2...chief weighs more than that and I don't think his Speed & Reaction time would let him get hit with that.
not saying Shepard can't beat him...not with that though. 
drakenimmortal Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014
So my tactics need work ^_^  Would be a hell of a fight though.  They'd probably rig it for Chief but would make one hell of a Death Battle, ever see Haloid by Monty Oum?
King-Krown Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist
yes,one of the most Epic things I ever seen, It'd be Sick if there was an Animation like that with John & John kicking all of the ass
Borgster93 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
alessandro348 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014
It depends on situation and weaponry. 

CQC Chief wins every time. Shep does not move fast enough. 

Long range Chief would get hit with a warp flare biotic detonation that would rip him to pieces. Or really any of Shepards long list of long range options while Spartans just have their arsenal.  Chief would have to quickscope a headshot with a rifle but then there's nothing saying Shep couldn't do something similar with a javelin.

Even if he does break shields, a Vangaurd hit would knock him over and give Shep shields back. Shit can put a fully grown bull Krogan on his ass. It could then be followed up with a nova or a point blank armor pen round claymore shot. 
falloutboy1313 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
master chief has been added to your crew and EDI and cortana are getting along well! also master cheif won a war with little support shepard saved the universe and mine lived and got laid three times along the way....
Kyero Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014
Shepard didn't save squat, countless species that helped make a reaper killing devise did. Shepard just brought them together to get it to finally work.
falloutboy1313 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014
really then at the end of mass effect 3 instead of choosing a color coded ending just let shepard stand there and see what happens... nothing shepard makes the end decision and stopped the reapers, he just couldn't have gotten there with out the other species... quarians are my favorite   
CryThunder Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I think these two are pretty much equal. If you made them fight, and then turned back time and did it again you'd have a different result.
MrB1ank Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
Ultimately, Shepard would win this fight. Both of them are technically super soldiers, but all of Shepard's classes do more than just shoot things. If he was an Adept or Vanguard, he'd pull Chief apart with his biotics before the latter could pull off a shot.
Stealer-L1F3 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Student Writer
*Sigh* And yet another person underestimates the super-soldiers...

How many people are on the internet that fail to do research on the Chief's full abilities and compare them with someone else?

FYI, Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 has been a soldier since the age of 6 when he was recruited into the SPARTAN-II Program. At the break out of the war, he was already clad in MJOLNIR MARK IV (That had no shields) and has been fighting with it for twenty seven years until he swapped for the MARK V and later for the MARK VI. Tanking plasma explosions and burns is not a small feat for a soldier with no shields, and that puts him far above Shepard's level already. Endurance and pure physical strength. At the age of 14, the Chief could already lift slightly more than Batman (Who lifts 400 kilos, if I remember correctly) and that was when he wasn't even adjusted to the augmentations (With time, his abilities grew even stronger). Speed is also on his side, and not just physical speed, but also the speed of his reflexes. John's maximum speed has been noted to exceed 100 kilometers per hour... he was running as fast as a car on a freeway. And the Chief saved the entire Galaxy from yet another extinction event. More than one time and saving Humanity dozens of times, as well.

Shepard is no slack either, but he's below peak Human. He's a special ops soldier, equivalent to a UNSC ODST, however, Shepard can easily be beaten by a small explosion next to him. Shepard has also had a few years of experience, compared to Chief's 41 years (as of 2558). The Chief has faced an enemy that truly could've wiped him out with a simple snap of his fingers, yet he overcame this enemy and beat him, just like he wiped out vast hordes of Covenant footsoldiers during the Great War. I'm not saying Shepard hasn't done something like that. Shepard's beaten an enemy that was threatening the galaxy once every 50k years, but the Reapers are inferior when compared to the Covenant. Plus, the Chief and a very small force of joint UNSC/Sangheili soldiers and ships wiped out a massive new threat that was lurking on the Ark - the Flood. That's even more dangerous than the Covenant which is already far more powerful than the Reapers because the Flood severely weakened the Forerunner Ecumene and forced the Forerunners to use the Halo Arrays which kill anything that has neural energy.

Overall, my conclusion, using evidence, experience and observation is that MCPO John-117 is the victor in all cases, even if Shepard was a biotic. Shepard is a very strong soldier with a sense of teamwork, however, when put up against the Chief, he gets grinded into dust. The Chief is vastly superior in terms of strength, endurance, speed, reaction and even intelligence and he has a rather wide range of weapons at his disposal.

Thank you for your attention if you read this and have a good day.
MrB1ank Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
Sounds like someone's never played ME. You say the reapers are inferior to the covenant? The same covenant that was defeated by humans (who are still using bullets?) is more threatening than a hyper advanced machine race that contains thousands upon thousands of years worth of knowledge on the galaxy that not even an entire United galaxy could defeat? A United galaxy of various races with biotic powers, dreadnoughts with cannons capable of leveling entire cities? Might I add that the reapers have been doing this same thing for several fifty thousand years, whereas the covenant has only been doing it in less than a fifth of that time, and Shepard was the first to stop them? Yeah, no offense buddy, but I don't think I'm the non informed one here lol
Stealer-L1F3 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Student Writer
And here it goes...
As I was saying, the Covenant Armada can easily wipe the floor with the Reapers whose numbers barely reach into... 5 thousand, I guess (No accurate number given, but most suggest below 5000)? The UNSC had larger ship numbers... The Covenant effectively outnumbers the Reapers many times and outguns them by far. Those piss-poor kilotons of firepower that the Reapers deliver is nothing compared to a well-placed plasma torpedo. You see, UNSC ships could tank several plasma torpedoes, because their armor had perfect balance between heat resistance and protection against kinetic energy weapons. Normal Titanium melts at 3200C, however, it is unknown at what temperate Titanium-A or Titanium-A3 melts, but based on the fact that it's enhanced molecularly, its melting point should be higher. Ti-A3 has a higher melting point than Ti-A.

Back to the original. The kinetic barriers of the Reapers barely hold back 20 kilotons worth of firepower (ME3's space battle)... if you call that protection, I'll call that bullshit. A single UNSC frigate delivers more punch per shot than the most powerful Council dreadnought... heck, a UNSC frigate's total output reaches out into the megatons thanks to its nuclear arsenal and, based on the UNSC Majestic in Halo: Reach's audio recordings, a MAC can fire a 600-ton DU or Tungsten slug once every 5 to 10 seconds. Again, I strayed off-topic, however, the Covenant was beaten not because of what you call ''primitive'', but because the Great Schism divided them and the Sangheili found out the truth of the Halo arrays. If not for that, Humanity would've been forced to resort to the uncompleted UNSC Infinity (Which had the most powerful shipborne MACs ever developed, capable of deliver hundreds of megatons per shot, according to scientific calculations) and go on a voyage for a new home far away from Earth.

FYI, Mass Effect uses bullets more than Halo does, but UNSC's kinetic arsenal is more advanced, ranging from super-powered Magnums to cannons capable of turning large cities into craters. Seriously, a 64 kT MARK II ''Light Coil'' can level a city far larger than Hiroshima, while Mass Effect's most powerful, 30 kT weapon, can barely compare. And the UNSC is capable of destroying entire planets using the NOVA bombs. That weapon is something that Mass Effect cannot dream of. Actually, 30 kT is the highest level of firepower any organic/synthetic in Mass Effect can squeeze out of their Mass Accelerator Cannons... and the Reapers are nothing better. They have a slightly better armament and a weapon that truly gives them an edge... in CLOSE COMBAT - the molten beam weapon which pierces right through those weak barriers and utterly annihilates a ship. I assure you, if a Covenant warship can endure a fleet of UNSC's MACs firing at it with its shields holding steady, then a Reaper isn't even as big a problem as a UNSC Frigate.

The Covenant, however, are masters at turning habitable planets into wastelands of nothing more than ash and magma thanks to their energy projectors that, FYI, can also be turned into sniping weapons (Covenant Supercruisers were the only ships that could snipe and effectively destroy even the heaviest UNSC warships from a distance far behind the Covenant lines. Covenant FTL is significantly faster than those 50 or so Ly that the Reapers can squeeze out of their Eezo-powered drives. 912 light-years per 24 hours is definitely a key to victory, allowing the Covenant to evade heavily protected areas (Mass relays) and strike right from behind.

And those ''cannons capable of leveling cities''... I'd like to see them compare with the entire thermonuclear fusion weapon arsenal of the UNSC and the said faction's arsenal's warheads may go as high as a few hundred thousand to a million warheads. Even more, if accurate numbers would be given. And there's not just fusion warheads, but also nuclear mines and portable devices like the MFDD from the Halo: Reach ''Deliver Hope'' trailer, which is, basically, a nuclear grenade with the yield of approximately 15 kilotons... packed in a small backpack-like device.

And, for your information, dear sir, I am basing my information on ME off the said game's Codex from all three parts, while Halo's stats are based off of the games and novels/books/comics.
MrB1ank Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
Lol you say the Reapers numbers are barely into 5000. All three games have stated that there are far more than that. Only a hand full of weapons in ME use bullets, the rest are highly compressed energy bolts. And everything that you said about how a covenant fleet desolates it's enemies is exactly how the Reapers do it. Play Mass Effect a little and then you can have a debate over which character is better.
Stealer-L1F3 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014  Student Writer
Do you have proof that other weapons are energy bolts? The Codex clearly says that everyone besides the Geth relies on mass accelerator weapons.

The Reapers barely go into 5000s, because they have suffered casualties during their 30+ million years of conquest. You can't say that they've successfully created Reapers out of every species they've encountered. There needs to be a perfect species like the Leviathans or the Humans to create a true Reaper (From Destroyer to Capital ship).

Wrong. The Reapers do not bombard their enemies from orbit with highly sophisticated planetary glassing weapons and they always leave subtle clues of their conquest, while the Covenant smite everything in their path leaving nothing behind.
MrB1ank Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014
You lost credit with me when you said that the Covenant, of all things, is a much greater threat than the Reapers. Whereas the Covenant can't even defeat a single race, the Reapers extinguish all life every fifty thousand years. Not even a united galaxy, a fleet that would dwarf the Covenant's fleet by nearly 20x, were able to stop them. The reapers annihilate entire planets in massive swoops; no one planet takes their focus, as they can hit dozens of them at a time. 

And it's even more ridiculous that you believe there are little more than 5000 Reapers, and only further evidence to me that you don't play the ME games. The Leviathan of Dis was a Reaper whose age was dated back to being nearly a billion years old, a time which is believed to be when Reapers first started appearing. Using that, dividing it by the 50'000 year cycle, makes their total number around 18-20'000. And that's just the sovereign ships; I can't even begin to count how many Reaper Destroyers there are.

Explain to me, then, how none of the guns in Mass Effect need to be reloaded with actual bullet casings? In the first game, guns didn't even have to reload, just cool down. Don't see that in Halo. In the other two games, ammunition was regulated by a thermal clip system, which basically cooled the weapon down much quicker. There are no metal bullets being fired from a gun in Mass Effect. Besides, energy bolts or not, they're still more advanced than the Halo timeline. Super Soldiers are nice and all, but in a timeline that takes place in the 3000's, humanity hasn't evolved enough to advance their weaponry past bullets?

Might I also mention how, while Chief has impressive super soldier buildups as is, he has no special abilities, whereas Shepard could have dozens based on the class he has? Soldier Shepard is capable of heightening his reflexes and perception to where everything around him moves in slow motion, which gives him the ability to line up perfect shots and take out several enemies at a time. Running and jumping real fast? Means nothing, so long as I can slow you down in my mind. And if Chief's shields are down, one concussive blast, basically a homing grenade that knocks you off of your feet, is all Shep needs to ground him and finish him off.

Infiltrator Shepard has a cloaking system that removes him from the enemy's sight and radar, which gives him a better chance to line up a perfect shot on an unsuspecting target. And before you say that Chief's shields will protect him, think again. Infiltrator Shepard, with just a button press, can modify his shots to fire powerful disruptor bolts which can take down shields in a single shot with his sniper rifle. Will his armor help him? Nope. Infiltrators can also fire off an incinerate drone that burns through armor like it were tissue paper.

Vanguard Shepard, in close quarters, is a death wish for chief. Not only can he easily close the distance with his biotic charge, but his close-quarters knowledge will let him pound Chief into the ground while enhanced with his biotics. Super soldier or no, Chief can't withstand a kinetic energy beating. And before you say that his armor that weighs a ton makes that irrelevant, again, means nothing. Biotics in game are easily capable of lifting and throwing large enemies and objects that weigh nearly twice as much as Chief, so long as they aren't shielded.

Adept Shepard doesn't even need to use a gun. With the widest arrange of different and unique biotic powers (force powers, I call them in essence), he can handle just about anything Chief tries to throw at him. Add to that, Adept Shepard has the fastest recharge time out of all other classes when it comes to powers. Warp will tear Chief's armor apart. Pull and throw will toss him around the battlefield like a ragdoll. And Singularity? Has Chief ever survived a miniature black hole being thrown at him? I don't think so.

Sentinel Shepard will laugh as Chief tries to penetrate his specialized tech armor, which soaks a ridiculous amount of damage and lets Shepard take fire while also giving it back. And if Chief thinks getting close to destroy the armor will help him, he's dead wrong. Destroying the shield at any range triggers a large burst of energy that both damages enemies, destroys their shields, and pushes them back and leaves them entirely open for Shepard to attack once more.

I haven't played as Engineer Shepard, so I can't vouch for that.

Having played Halo 2-Reach, I can safely say I've never seen Chief do any of those things. Gameplay wise, he runs, jumps, chucks grenades, and shoots. Sure, Halo 4 imported the augment abilities introduced in Reach, but it's ridiculous how he needs these augments to do basic things like sprint and roll, two things Shepard can do easily in ME3. Chief's best melee weapon, an energy sword, comes few and far between in gameplay, while Shepard's omni-blade/biotic punches/tech punches are on his person 24/7, even outside of combat.

And we ARE going by gameplay here; you start quoting things from books or outside material, and this debate will be ended early. 

Veteran mode is the default ME experience, Heroic is the default Halo experience. In Veteran, Shepard's shields don't last long under fire, but his overall health is capable of taking a few more shots before finally dying. From what I've played in Halo, Chief, as big of a super soldier as he is with amazing armor, can barely take a few shots both with shields and health when playing on Heroic. 

Again, play the Mass Effect games before you make such ridiculous claims. Shepard and his universe is more advanced, more varied, more experienced, and simply more battle-ready than the Halo universe is.
Reznov117 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014
The Forerunners could pretty much ROFLsTOMP the Reapers.
The Trilogy era Covenant had supercarriers has long as 29 Kms and each one of them had heavy shields.
Almost all Covenant Ships possessed 'glassing plasma ports' or ventral beams. Apart from the huge amada of  Ship killing Plasma cannons and torpedoes.
UNSC Infinity can itself engage against 3 to 4 Soveriegn Class Reapers due to its insane Shields and OP ventral beam and MACs.

People also forget that due to a 30 year long war where Humanity was losing, it seemed more affordable and cheaper and less time consuming to build Frigates rather than long ass Cruisers.
The Post-War navy (altough recovering) is arguably very strong to due Each ship having powerful shields, more advanced arnaments and durable armor and is pumped with Forerunner tech to have acute Splispace capabilities.
Same applies to guns, after a 30 year long war you start resort to cheaper ammo and guns, due to a depleting budget and colony resources, hence the resurgence of bulletile weapons .
Humanity has started researching Plasma grade weapons and even produced them for it's soldiers after the end of the war Not to forget Gauss Weapons and Hardlight weapons as well, even the Spartan Laser.

And whoever is dickish enough to bring in gameplay aspects?!! The Chief was nerfed on purpose to include more skilled players and difficulty in campagn.
Where Shepard has a time limited ability of adrenaline rush, in-lore Chief experiences a similar ability non-stop in combat. Speical passive and continuously regenerative Abilities such as these would result in a 'BROKEN' multiplayer and competitive gameplay.
Thats why GAMEPLAY =/= LORE.
Even a default Soldier Shep in N7 marine armor has no problem taking out Heavy Biotic enemies, so why should Chief clad in Mjolnir armor have problems in taking him/her out?

Shep shouldn't take the stupid decision of engaging against Chief in H2H combat. Mjolnir lets the muscles work and react almost near instantenously just at a mere thought of the Spartan's mind, unlike conventional power armors. So while Shep may take a second to strike Chief with his left hand, CHIEF might've fractured Shep's armored right hand in three different parts.
Besides taking on an augmented Spartan who killed 3 out of 4 elite Human soldiers at the age of 14 while barehanded is pretty much the most stupidest decision after choosing the Synthetic Ending Option.
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Stealer-L1F3 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Student Writer
You simply want the Reapers to outnumber the Covenant, but, truly, even numbers count for nothing. You're forgetting that the Reapers have sustained casualties during all those years of existence and I am suspecting that you don't want to believe that, because you're blinded by fanboyism. It's a very sticky disease, you know? The Reapers number in the 5000s. They are far superior to the ME races, yet inferior to anything Halo has.

Low kilotons have nothing against high kilotons, megatons, gigatons and energy projectors.

The guns in Mass Effect fire tiny pellets. Here's a direct quote from the Codex. Read it well, because it WILL kick your ass:

''All modern infantry weapons from pistols to assault rifles use micro-scaled mass accelerator technology. Projectiles consist of tiny metal slugs suspended within a mass-reducing field, accelerated by magnetic force to speeds that inflict kinetic damage.
The ammo magazine is a simple block of metal. The gun's internal computer calculates the mass needed to reach the target based on distance, gravity, and atmospheric pressure, then shears off an appropriately sized slug from the block. A single block can supply thousands of rounds, making ammo a non-issue during any engagement.''

Their magazine is a thermal clip. Technically, the weapons have infinite ammunition, but they have a massive heat buildup, so thermal clips are ejected once they are spent and new ones are placed inside.

Are you saying that the Chief will move slowly under Shepard's adrenaline rush? Bullshit. He's too fast and even some SPARTANs could barely follow their own even with their ultra-short reaction times. You're overpowering Shepard there. Besides, all it takes for the Chief to finish Shepard off is two bullets right in the head. Kinetic barriers barely even hold up... and Halo is balanced for gameplay reasons. If you'd look on all the SPARTAN abilities and compare them to gameplay, you will see the massive difference. Biotics, tech... The Chief has bested all that (The Didact is an example of telekinetic abilities plus advanced technology and the Chief has beaten him).

In the novels, the Chief could tank massive plasma explosions while wearing the MJOLNIR MARK IV (No shield Powered Assault Armor). He could tank even more while inside the MJOLNIR MARK V and extra in the MARK VI. With every new MJOLNIR armor, a SPARTAN's skills are enhanced slightly more.

I suggest you look outside of the gaming world and pick up a book. Games don't depict everything as they truly are, however, in Mass Effect's case, the games are the highest level of canon. They claim that every soldier is outfitted with kinetic barriers, yet, in the ending of ME3 where the Hammer forces land, Alliance Marines get one-shotted in areas that are seemingly less important.

If you end this debate, you are automatically saying that you are incapable of arguing and have no wish to actually feel like you've been beaten AKA You will be branded a ''Sorry Ass Loser'' if you decline FACTS from BOOKS.

Do you have evidence that I haven't played the games? Please, provide me some evidence before you make such childish games. I have all three ME games installed on my computer, however, I have a feeling that you'll dismiss it as you are incapable of enduring a decent comeback. Tell me then, why did you begin to argue in the first place if you dismiss facts?

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CoastalSet Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014
Ok let me argue with that the MC was trained at 6, augmented at 14, and proved the impossible for over 30 years and that's just all Spartans in general. The special thing Chief has is luck that has kept him alive through all those years.
TestingTheSeaShells Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013
Obvious comparison. Outcome not clear. Both have genetic tailoring, both have cybernetic enhancements to give superior strength/reflexes/durability (Both qualify as super-soldiers). Both have extensive experience in the field of combat training. Although I will admit that I think Chief is slightly stronger, has had more experience, probably a better soldier in terms of physical capability, Chief is ultimately doomed in a fight with Shepard. Because in this case it comes down to personality. 
Chief is a lone wolf (Fine, a lone wolf that has a side kick Cortana, who is a pretty good sidekick). He may have the rest of his military's might to back him up, but they do so because it is their job, and Chief still operates best alone and does not work as well with others. 
Shepard though is a leader. He does not just have the backing of the military, people are dedicated to following him and indeed many even love him and would do anything for him and he will NEVER be alone. So if Chief picks a fight with Shepard, he may be confident that he has an edge over Shepard, and he will keep that confidence right up until the moment that Tali shotguns him in the back or Garrus snipes him from afar. Plus Chief's great strength and speed matter little when Shepard starts flinging out those biotics. 
Final argument to hammer the last nail into the coffin: Femshep. Enough said. 
Reznov117 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014
Wrong on multiple levels

Like Shepard, Chief is a born leader too. Infact the the trainers observed his paragon leadership traits when he was as young as 8.
He is the 'de-facto' leader of all Spartan IIs. To the extent that other Spartans would readily listen to his orders even if they have happened to become Commissioned Officers.

Master Chief is not a 'lone-wolf', even he is just given the term of 'Hyper Lethal Vector' similar to Noble Six due to his astronomical kill counts. He can work exceedingly well with any military unit depending from civilian militias, to Army troopers, to UNSC Marines, ODSTs and even the Shanghelie Spec Ops Elites. Most of the times the Spartans were chosen to be involved in missions where the probability of success was 1%. Master Chief's raid of a Flood Infected Hivemind High Charity to rescue Cortana can be used as a good example here.

Where Shepard has faced multiple enemies and come out on top, Chief has done the same in a career exceeding 25 years with a resume comparable to the combined total of a battalion of the most elite Lifelong ODSTs soldiers.

Chief's personality is similar to Sheps. Although not an exceptional smooth talker like Shep, his unrestrained will to win every fight or wargames he gets into, and come out on top of every combat operation with minimal ally casualties and survive even the most impossible of missions due to his mental willpower and stubborness, has lead to his legendary reputation among allies and enemies alike.

Unlike Shep, Chief has the genetic traits which could only be found in one person among 10 million. His impressive genetics made him and his other Spartans, stand out a foot taller among the other normal kids. Each had IQ's which exceeded the 150 minimum barrier mark and all of them were said to be geniuses in their own right. It is stated that if not for their excellent combat abilities and augmentations, everyone of them could be eligible to lead whole battlefleets as leaders before they could even turned 18!

Chief won't let Tali or Garrus get the better of him cause he is not even remotely stupid to the mercenaries in Mass Effect.
His Mjolnir armor has tanked Plasma bolts and is near invincible against normal human weapons (lorewise) and he has his own strategy to outflank the flanks of his enemies. The armor is made to withstand extreme punishment and still function properly. (two falls from Orbit and the the Mjolnir Mark 6 still worked awesomely.) 
His energy shields can withstand Plasma, particle weapons, Armor piercing bullets and even Hardlight and Radioactive Ionizing weapons.

Alongside making the Spartan near invincible in Combat, they enhance an already augmented and evolving Spartan's reflexes, abilities, strength, stamina and combat capabilities by a factor of 5 or 10 depending on the newer iterations. Tali shouldn't even think of venturing within 10 feet of a Spartan let alone Chief, to not have her head ripped off within 2 seconds.
And Chief is monstrously strong with and without armor.
They were known to wreak armored components of their trainer's Mark 1 exoskeleton armor, and some of them even tore upon reinforced steel cage-bars without the use of Mjolnir gauntlets.
Take his armor off and give him an N7 marine armor, he will still defeat Shep almost single handedly.
(Since a soldier Shep can defeat Biotics and Vanguards, why cant a supersoldier like Chief?)
mike1045 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
what about femshep? beside being a sexy N7 trained, strong Battlemaster(too Grunt and other few Krogan), brought back to life from mainly "tissue and tubes",  and being the first Human Spectre...should i stop, because there a big list of alias for her.

anyways, depending on what kind of Shepard that be fighting Chief, and done like the Deadliest Warrior, it a VERY 50/50 of either one besting the other.
Reznov117 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014
Femshep will just swoon over Chief's height, physique and his mere presence, not to forget his combat resume.
Grunt will either engage Chief head on and get killed within a minute or instantly discard FEMSHEP as his Battlemaster for MC. :P
CoastalSet Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014
Actually the Master Chief has been leader of all Spartan-II's before the fall of reach which he sent most of them down to the surface to defend it while he and a hand picked blue team handled a space op 
Twero Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sweet! I always imagine this! :love:
NOAHREX23 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013  Student Artist
Master Chief, no questions asked.......
Gagomk Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013
Whohoo go Shepard!!

Shepard wins according to me.
ChocolateRa Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013
Shepard isn't a super-soldier who got training from hell as a child like Chief did, so it's pretty obvious that Chief would win.
IceStormy Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
I don't have Xbox but I agree with your opinion.
Gentlespy549 Featured By Owner May 11, 2013
Chief has 5x the reaction speed that Shepard does, So, Even if biotics were in play, Dodged, Moved out the way, End of, And chief just needs to hit him once, Grab his neck, crac.
Sliverdrey Featured By Owner May 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ugh.... As much as I like chief, biotics would crush him.. C'mon guys
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